About me 

Born and raised in Shenzhen, China, Yinsi now lives in San Francisco. Before going to college, she didn't know much about photography. When Yinsi's father gave her a camera, she didn't know what to do with it. She just looked at the strange thing curiously and pressed the shutter without any idea. During her undergraduate studies, Yinsi began to learn photography and thus completely changed her understanding of it. She began to focus on the insignificant things in life and the relationships between people around her, and tried to convey her ideas with a camera. Since then, the camera is no longer a tool for making pictures for Yinsi, it seems to be her other eye, which helps her to better understand life and the world. Later, Yinsi paid attention to famous photographers, thought about why their works are so influential and the deeper meaning behind their photos. Over time, she would think about how her photos would convey ta message to the viewers before shooting. She has been making progress, both technically and critically. Undergraduate study did not meet Yinsi's need for exploration of photography. She wanted to learn more, so she decided to get a master's degree abroad. Until now, her passion for photography has not changed.

She will continue to pursue her work.